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Tips For Keeping Your Drain Clean

October 16, 2015 at 3:53 pm | Category: Drain Cleaning

Tips For Keeping Your Drain CleanWith as much daily activity that goes on in your home, it’s easy to see how your plumbing can get get clogged in such a short period of time. Most of the items that block a drain should never go into the drain to begin with. But many homeowners are unaware of how most liquids, chemicals, food, or other items actually affect the pipes. It’s good to have a general understanding of what breaks down in your plumbing and what doesn’t. With that in mind, here are few key Drain Cleaning tips that can help you keep your plumbing system healthy and clear.


Everything But The Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink traditionally catches everything and takes a lot of abuse. Even items that are normally found in bathroom sinks can also be found in kitchen sinks. The absolute worst item to pour down your kitchen drain is grease. Even with all the hot water and grease-fighting dishwashing liquids on the market today, the fact is grease never entirely goes down the drain. Once the water stops pouring, then grease dries up and hardens and continues to build on itself every time new grease enters your drain. Other items of interest are soap scum, food, and various chemicals all which buildup over time and provide a solid wall of blockage.


Garbage Disposal Maintenance

A Garbage disposal is generally viewed as indestructible and able to destroy anything that it touches. This is simply not that case, however, as garbage disposals can quickly wear down with ongoing abuse. Some key items to avoid putting down the garbage disposal include grease or oil, vegetable peels, egg shells, coffee grounds, fruit pits or seeds, bones, any bones, no bones, garbage such as cigarette butts or paper of any kind. Another rule of thumb is to slowly feed the garbage disposal with little bits of waste at a time. If you shove an entire bowl of wet noodles into the garbage disposal, all they will do is gather for a glue-like past and clog both your disposal and your drain.



Sinks, Tubs, and showers are the key areas in your bathroom. These are fixtures where heavy water usage and traffic occur. Hair is generally the item of the most concern. Although it’s nearly impossible to keep your hair from falling in the shower, it is very easy to avoid hair entering your sink drains by simply not brushing your hair over the sink. Keep all brushes and hair-related items like curling irons away from the sink and clean all hair out of the sink after each use. You can also go to your local hardware store and purchase drain catches and filters that will catch all items so that they never go down the drain. They’re wonderful at capturing hair. Simply clean them out from time to time.


Next Time Hire A Professional

When your drains are clogged your first inclination is to try to fix the problem yourself. In light instances this may be the way to go. For most drains, however, clogging and blockage are often symptoms of a much larger problem that requires the inspection and work of a professional plumber. While DIY may give you a quick fix, a professional Drain Cleaning can provide long term solutions. J.I. Plumbing professionals use industry standard equipment that is designed to clear out your plumbing without damaging the pipes. They also use eco-friendly solutions that do not corrode or eat away at the pipe’s surface.

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